Social Media goes CRM - Research at the University of Leipzig


Companies are increasingly using the Social Web as a channel for marketing, sales and service. However, the added value of Social Media initiatives are despite numerous positive individual case examples by no means clear: although a high number of followers, fans or members represents a potential, but leads directly to the question of how it can be exploited.

Research questions

The combination of Social Media and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) includes numerous technical, organizational and legal problems which are currently not solved and require multi-disciplinary research.


The Social CRM Research Center creates a platform for bringing together partners from industry, commerce and science. The aim is to study and develop integrated application scenarios and visions for future Social CRM systems, to work with and study existing tools in the field of Social CRM CRM (e.g. Social Analytics, Social Media Management) and the development of innovative prototypes.


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The services of the SCRC cover 4 areas:

  • 1. Demonstration Lab for presenting and researching Social CRM tools
  • 2. Scientific research on the different aspects of Integrated Social CRM
  • 3. Knowledge transfer between research projects on Social CRM and businesses
  • 4. Integration of Social CRM into university curricula and provision of regularly workshops and lab nights.