Overview on membership types

Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) links the potentials of the Social Web with the goals of CRM. Many IT-based tools have emerged that enable the handling of social big data, but neither an accepted integrated process or application architecture, nor an assessment on the business value of SCRM activities exists today. The Social CRM Research Center (SCRC) at the University of Leipzig aims to establish a platform for joint research in the area of SCRM for businesses, technology providers and research institutions. Participation in the SCRC is based on four membership models:

You are interested in current research results and don't want to miss anything? As a community member you will get regular updates from expert circle meetings and research projects, access to the SCRC's research database and you can participate in lab nights and all other events. We also offer customized services based on your use case.

You are offering services in the domain of Social Media and/or CRM and you want to expand your portfolio and cooperate in projects of the SCRC? The SCRC works together with service and technology companies to support and iniate new scientific and practical results. Of course the benefits of the community membership are included.

Your customers are located in the classical B2C or B2B area and you want to more about how Social Media can improve and expand your processes? Social Media are much more than just sheer marketing and customer service. Stay updated on your customers, identify influencers and support your processes with social media tools. Of course the benefits of the community membership are included.

Of course we can't be experts in every aspect. That is why we work together with other research institutions at an international level to combine knowledge. You are researching in the scope of Social CRM too and you are searching for partners? Contact us!