Research and projects

The SCRC pursues an practice-oriented research approach. The focus is on the concept of an integrated Social CRM, which opens up the Social Web for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through analytical and interaction features. Our objective is the integration of strategies, processes and IT systems for innovative and customer-oriented solutions in the field of marketing, sales and service.


Integrated Social CRM

Integrated Social CRM looks beyond the current State-of-the-Art, which is often characterized by the selective deployment of Social Media in CRM. Therefor our objective is:

- Development of application scenarios and architectures for an (partly) automated integration between Social Web and CRM
- Evaluation of solutions and scenarios from the view of business value, data privacy and user acceptance
- Development of best practices for the usage of Social Media in CRM by performing surveys and case studies
- Prototyping of innovative Social CRM solutions in cooperation with partner companies of the SCRC

Data Protection

Since the early days of the SCRC, we deal with the topic of data protection as specialists for customer and market-relevant processes. In various studies and projects, initiated either by us or in collaboration with other organizations, a number of issues Social CRM has raised in the context of data protection. Additionally, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced on 25th of May 2018 requires companies to take extensive actions and introduces them to new questions and problems. Therefore, we contribute with our expertise in data protection and IT to design research and economy projects through process specialists and own lawyers. The transfer of knowledge is always our main goal.
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Knowledge transfer

The SCRC as an exchange and networking platform is not only focused on the development of new content, but also on the transfer of knowledge from finalized research projects. For this purpose a demonstration lab with various Social CRM tools as well as a database for case studies and applications is available. Partners of the SCRC can use and analyze applications and prototypes of the SCRC based on their business demands and requirements. Furthermore the SCRC regularly hosts workshops, symposiums and congresses to support science and research. So far, results from the following completed research projects are available:


Research projects


The Social Content Quality Management (SCQM) project investigates the utilization of Social Media content in company processes from the perspective of data quality. Fundamentally, the Social Web offers comprehensive data on various key areas relevant for companies, such as product management, market research, sales management and innovation management. However, linking such data to available organizational data poses the threat of diminishing data quality, as a consequence of reduced monitoring and limited influence on the sources in the Social Web. For instance, enriching market data with Social Media analyses might result in flawed information. Likewise, combining master and user generated profile data poses the risk of incorrect entries. The project’s aim is to identify data quality metrics that make it possible to evaluate and filter Social Web content in the areas of analysis, inte-gration and interaction in Social Media and CRM.
duration: 2013 - 2014



The project deals with the requirements of privacy in Social CRM from both a process and technology perspective. The full utilization of the potentials of Social CRM for companies is frequently accompanied by significant uncertainty in the actual implementation. This is the result of a lack of legal consensus and to the involved actors’ somewhat contradictory interests. The diversity of data repositories, used Social Media platforms and prevailing circumstances lead to highly complex Social CRM implementations in companies. Relevant departments, privacy officers and external legal consulting companies can capture and evaluate such complexity only to a limited extent. Decision-making and the concept of a “learning organization” are thereby compromised or often hindered. The project’s aim is to inform companies on the current legal framework for Social CRM and to develop a decision support system for Social CRM users.
duration: 2012 - 2014



The project deals with the application potentials of text mining in Social CRM, in particular the integration between Social Media and CRM. The Social Web offers a new information source for companies as well as an interactive bidirectional communication channel. Both attributes promise added value for Customer Relationship Management. The project investigates the application areas and technical requirements of an integrated Social CRM system, which enables the seamless execution of CRM processes via Social Media while at the same time taking advantage of the special features of the Social Web. The project’s aim is to further develop the conceptual understanding of Social CRM as well as to implement prototypes of the required methods and to test new use cases.
duration: 2010 - 2012



The SCRC supports the German-Brazilian partnership for Social CRM, which was initiated by the Chair of Application Systems of the Information Systems Institute at the Leipzig University and the Laboratório de Inteligência Computacional e Pesquisa Operacional (LINC) of the Federal University of Pará (UFPA). Goal of this practice partnership is 1) to advance research regarding tools, methods and processes in Social CRM in an international context, 2) to transfer knowledge on latest technologies and concepts in Social CRM via Brazilian partner universities, and 3) to initiate and foster partnerships between German and Brazilian companies active in the field to exploit the potentials in Social CRM, share best practices and to tap into new market opportunities in Brazil. The project is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and is supported by a network of industry partners.

Duration: 01/2014 - 12/2018


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The project "Content Provider Shield" (COPS) is a research project funded by the European Union and the Free State of Saxony. To project aims to support the analysis of text based digital content for violations of the German Criminal Law and the Law for the Protection of Minors. COPS will develop an innovative solution for the half automated inspection of texts with the help of computational linguistics using semantic analysis methods and statistical text classification. The planned tool should simplify and accelerate the testing procedure by keeping a high quality of the verification process. With help of the project results, it will be easier to provide for example an age-verification of digital text or to reduce the effort of manual verification within the distribution chain. Relevant users are for example publishers, online book stores, self-publishers, youth protection authorities or providers of age based content filters. Partners of the project are the Social CRM Research Center e.V., the IT Sonix Custom Development GmbH and the MVB (Marketing- und Verlagsservice des Buchhandels). The Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia-Diensteanbieter e.V. will take part in an associated partnership.

Duration: 05/2016 – 12/2017 


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The Smart Energy Communities (SMECS) project aims to develop a holistic concept for small energy producers and cooperatives, which will enable them to adapt to the new framework conditions by Renewable Energy Act (EEG 2014/2017) in 2020. The central goal is to strengthen the company's marketing and sales by supporting the development of their customer base and their focus on regional activities regarding consumption and production of energy. Additionally, the project aims at the creation of a central coordination point to optimize and coordinate the activities of all involved small energy producers. A smart service platform will support these activities as well as the development of prototypes and evaluation of selected core functionalities. The aim of this approach is to open up new sources of revenue, to improve the regional market presence of small producers through collaboration and to increase the transparency of profitability in the operations. SMECS is part of the Smart Service World 2 funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Duration: 02/2018 – 02/2020

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The SCRC offers trainings for different aspects of Social CRM. Additionally the SCRC is linked with the university education of the University Leipzig. Especially in the master degree course of information system management classes and through lab nights. For members exists here a possibility get in contact with talented trainees.