Internship Computational Intelligence

Internship with focus on the Application of Computational Intelligence in Social Customer Relationship Management for Advanced Customer Insights in Leipzig, Germany

Application of CI to Social CRM

Researchers from the Information Systems Institute (IWI) of the University of Leipzig, through the Social CRM Research Center (SCRC), are researching the application of Social Media in CRM. Since 2009 several research and industry projects that explore the impact on the strategic, process and technology level of CRM have been conducted and resulted in the development of a framework for integrated Social CRM (see Figure 1). The framework is applied, evaluated and revised together with international industries and research partners.

One major challenge in integrated Social CRM is the ability to turn data from the Social Web into value-adding information for Social CRM. Till today the available tools for Social CRM often provide only simple analysis methods from the field of text mining that enable users to monitor Social Web content about brands and products, but fall short in the task of mining for new information. Applying Computational Intelligence (CI) to these tasks can potentially improve the way how sales, marketing and service are using data from the Social Web. By creating new architectures and enhancing existing processes, it becomes possible to critically assess, demonstrate and evaluate the contributions of CI in the field of Social CRM.

Project Target and Role of the Intern

The project aims at integrating current activities in the industry regarding Social CRM and the knowledge developed within universities and other academic institutions through joint projects, prototypes and action research. We believe in the synergy of the solutions developed in universities with the current practices in the industry regarding the application of CI in Social CRM solutions. This integration contributes to a better performance of the industry as well as a better market orientation of academic projects aiming to tackle this organizational problem.
You, as a Software Engineering Intern, will participate in our discussions with companies and academics and will help us analyze the current state of technology in the market for Social CRM tools. Then, you will be able to present and discuss solutions on how to improve existing systems and how to convey this knowledge in the academic environment. You will also develop components together with our international research partners for solutions in research projects using any of the programming skills: R Prog., Python, Java, Map Reduce and solutions for analysis of Big Data and Social Network. You will help us develop solutions aligned with best practices in the field of Software Engineering, especially prototyping and test-first programming. Finally, you will support the project and its international activities and current partnerships (case studies, networking, field studies).

The city of Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig is a city of around 570 thousand inhabitants located in the east side of Germany in the federal state of Saxony. It is home of the Leipzig University, the second-oldest university in Germany with its almost 30 thousand students. The city offers an affordable life for students and is well located in the center of the country, making it easy to move around Europe. The city is home for several international students and professionals and is very lively during the summer, especially around its several lakes.

Arbeitgeber: Social CRM Research Center e.V.


Internship with focus on the Application of Computational Intelligence in Social Customer Relationship Management for Advanced Customer Insights in Leipzig, Germany

Zusätzliche Information

Position: Trainee
Arbeitsort: Leipzig, Germany
Beginn: 1. Juni 2018
Ende: 31. Dezember 2018

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